Approximating Pregnancy Conception Date for Humans

How can a woman find out her conception date? Can you really know your pregnancy conception date? Actually, the answer is yes. There are a number of proven ways that a woman can use to find out her pregnancy conception date. Before we proceed to explain those methods, it is important that as a foundation for this discussion, we explain other processes associated with the conception of a pregnancy.

It is possible for a woman to conceive only when her egg and a man’s sperm cell meet. This event is called fertilization. Before fertilization, therefore, we see that the woman’s egg must be released and the man’s sperm cell must also be released. A man’s sperm cell is easily released normally during sexual intercourse. For a man with fertile sperm cells, all that is needed to release those sperm cells is an act of sexual intercourse.

For women, however, the release of their eggs doesn’t occur just anytime they have sex. It usually occurs when they are ovulating. Ovulation occurs when the eggs are released from the ovary and it is a stage in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Like the male sperm cells, the eggs must also be fertile.
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When the egg and the sperm cell come into contact, fertilization happens. This will in normal circumstances happen in the fallopian tubes of a woman’s reproductive organ. The fertilized egg then moves to the uterus and attaches to the wall of the uterus through a process called implantation. Pregnancy conception is a medical terminology used to define the entire process that involves fertilization and implantation. It is at this point that the woman gets pregnant. Pregnancy conception date will therefore refer to the day the woman gets pregnant. There exists two main ways of determining pregnancy conception dates as seen in the below discussion.
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Pregnancy conception date is the first way. This tool exploits the first day of a lady’s last menstrual period. Because it is assumed that a lady with regular menstruation will also have regular ovulations, the date of ovulation can be approximated and hence the pregnancy conception date. For women with regular menstrual periods, this tool works perfectly for them. It should be taken into consideration that this tool doesn’t give an exact date but an estimate.

The ultrasound method is the second method that we have. This method is used to determine the age of gestation. Ideally, this is the pregnancy age. Working backward, using the last date of the last menstrual period, we can actually estimate the conception date. Normally this method is more accurate than the use of calculators but its accuracy diminishes with pregnancy age.

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