An Overview of Answering Service Pricing for Businesses Most new businesses struggle to cut down on their expenses. One way of accomplishing this is foregoing non-essential expenses. However, one aspect of any business that is hard to economize is the amount spent on a receptionist. A receptionist is integral to any well-run business and it is difficult to do without one. To keep one at minimum wage will cost you upwards of $1200 a month. Contracting an answering service company could save you from spending this kind of money. Below are some points to help you understand how answering service pricing works. Contracting an answering service provider should be considered an investment. It is essential to consider the initial cost. An initial set-up fee is usually charged by most answering service companies. The fee may be upwards of $15, but this hinges on the particular company. The setup fee is irrespective of the size of your business. Large and small businesses tend to be charged alike. Answering service cost should be next on your list of considerations. The cost of the service generally varies depending on the answering service provider. Your selected package is what will determine the overall cost. However, one key similarity is that all companies will have a standard monthly fee set. Referring back to the monthly fee will give you an indication of how much it will cost to use the service. The fee can be as little as $19 per month to cover a certain number of calls.
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One of the factors that will influence answering service pricing is additional features. This may include the purchase of a unique forwarding number. Many answering service providers have their own numbers that you can choose to purchase from. Generally, purchasing a number will cost you from $10 upwards. There are separate charges that cover the cost of taking and delivering messages. Usually the average minimum for this is $5 a month.
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What a client prefers will dictate the packages that they will choose. It is the client that determines how a package will be customized to their needs. This includes considerations such as the volume of calls a company receives to whether the contract is monthly or long-term. Monthly contracts tend to be more expensive for the long haul. Longer contracts are ideal for larger businesses as they are cheaper and work especially well when you trust the answering service provider. Call charging will influence answering service pricing. Calls can either be charged per call or per minute. Your preference here will rest on the type of calls you generally receive. The second choice is better suited to companies that field long phone calls. $0.98 an $0.45 are the average charges per minute and per call respectively. With the information above, you now have a better grasp of how answering service pricing works.

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