What to Need to Know About Tree Pruning As you watch professional tree pruning services trim away, you might think that it’s simple and that it’s the easiest thing in the world but there’s a lot more that goes on in the process. Some tasks can be done by anyone with a pruner or a saw but the more complicated trimming and pruning tasks should be left to the professionals. According to professionals, there are proper portions, amounts and even times for certain pruning jobs. Oftentimes used interchangeably, trimming and pruning present different meanings but both has to do something with cutting trees. If we say trimming we mean the grooming of the tree but when we say pruning we mean the health of the tree and the safety of all people and structures around it. Classifications of Cutting
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Basically, there are four general classifications; two major classifications for pruning and another two for trimming. Fine trimming is the first classification and it requires cutting to improve the aesthetic appeal of the tree. Second, we have the standard pruning and it improves all kinds of cutting for the structure of the tree.
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Hazard or safety pruning is the third classification, this service handles branches growing too low because of safety factors; trees with branches dangling dangerously low need to be pruned. Lastly, our fourth classification is something called crown reduction; the branches found on top and at the side of trees are cut off. It’s usually done in order to avoid hazards rising from branches reaching roofs and utility lines as well as allow sunlight and air to go to the inner branches. The Right Pruning When tree pruning and trimming are done by professionals, expect it to be done effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, doing the trimming or pruning by yourself is alright but remember to avoid climbing spurs because it damages the bark and trunk. Bigger and heavier branches need to be cut into sections, neglecting to do so tears and splits the bark. Perfect Pruning Time Sure, tree trimming and pruning can be hired all year-round but it’s heavily based on the kind of tree that needs servicing. Flowering trees generally begin to bloom during spring, so if your tree is a flowering tree then have it pruned or trimmed once it starts flowering. The handful of flowering trees that bloom during the summer time needs to be pruned in early spring instead. As stated by the experts, your fruit-bearing trees should be pruned sometime at the end of winter, this lets the sunlight reach the centre of the tree and give a better shape to the fruit.

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